Estate Planning Overview

If you have no Estate Plan

it may be because you:

  • Can’t make up your mind
  • Don’t understand the need
  • Believe nothing bad will happen
  • Believe it will all work out

If you fail to plan

You may leave your loved ones with disagreements that lead to family division and even  litigation. Idaho Law Group has the experience and expertise to customize a comprehensive Estate Plan which avoids family conflict. Your plan may include:

  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney (Health Care Directives)
  • Will
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Medicaid/Long Term Care Planning

What Is Estate Planning?

When someone becomes incompetent or dies, decisions about your assets must be made.


Estate Planning is the practice of structuring your assets and creating instructions for your agent(s) to carry out your wishes so that what you have goes: 

  • to Who you want, 
  • How you want, and
  • When you want.

Discover Your Estate Planning Needs

Not sure if you need estate planning? The truth is, every adult can benefit from some form of estate planning. The real question is, “What type of plan best suits your needs?” Uncover your unique estate planning requirements with our experienced guidance today.

Can My Financial Professional Help?

Many people tell us they have already done Estate Planning with their financial advisor, banker, or CPA. There are two aspects to estate planning – legal and financial.

Financial advisors, bankers, CPAs, and other financial professionals can assist you with the management and growth of your assets. They cannot assist you with the legal work necessary to establish an Estate Plan. Only an attorney can do that.

How Will Estate Planning Help?


Proper Estate Planning ensures the necessary legal documents are in place to keep you in control of your assets as long as you are able, and then put people you trust in control when you are no longer able. Your Estate Plan will provide sufficient instructions to guide the people you trust on how to use those assets for your benefit or for those you choose.

Care for You and Your Family

If you are deemed mentally incompetent, you will want to ensure your needs are met and that your loved ones are provided for. Your plan identifies who gets the benefits of your assets and who gets to control your assets.

Tax Mitigation

Tax strategies can be included in your Estate Plan to minimize or avoid taxes.

Goal Oriented

Proper Estate Planning will support your goals. Good Estate Planning, when properly maintained, keeps your estate in a constant secured state: Plan now so a judge and your loved ones do not have to guess about what your intentions may have been.

What Are My Options?

Estate Planning options are numerous. To help you understand the options and choose those that are right for you, an Idaho Law Group attorney will educate you about Estate Planning law, discuss your goals, and help you identify which options support those goals.

Estate Planning Covers 3 Stages of Life

How to Proceed

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

We provide education and counseling to individuals and families so that you can make informed choices with confidence.

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