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Estate Planning Overview

Estate Planning is planning for your eventual disability and death. If you want to avoid probate, prevent family chaos, protect assets for your loved ones, prepare for Long Term Care, and simplify post-death administration, you must plan ahead.


If you create a Trust-based estate plan (as opposed to a Will-based plan) you will likely avoid thousands of dollars in probate expenses, prevent multi-jurisdiction real-estate probate problems, mitigate government interference, and minimize taxes. A Trust will also keep your information private, prevent delays in asset distribution, take advantage of beneficiary asset protection, and reduce family conflict.


Unlike a Trust, a Will has no effect on your property while you're still alive. A Will is a set of instructions to the court and must be probated. The expense of probate may be appropriate if your estate requires court supervision.

Financial Power of Attorney

An estate plan without a carefully drafted Financial Power of Attorney may cost you thousands of dollars in conservatorship court proceedings.

Healthcare Power of Attorney / Health Care Directive / Living Will

An estate plan without a carefully drafted Health Care Power of Attorney may cost you thousands of dollars in guardianship court proceedings.

Asset Protection Planning

Everything in your life can change in an instant. A crippling accident, loss of employment, terminal illness, bankruptcy, or a financially devastating lawsuit can bring ruin to your life. While you may not be able to control life altering events, with proactive asset protection planning you can safeguard selected assets such as real property, investments, tangible personal property, and business interests.

Elder Law / Medicaid Planning

Long-term care in Idaho costs nearly $10,000 per month on average. Medicare does not pay for long-term medical care. Medicaid will pay for this care, but only if you financially qualify. A Medicaid planning attorney can help you financially qualify for Medicaid while protecting a portion of your assets.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a family member or loved one with a disability or special needs, you likely worry about their future. If you get the planning right, your loved one will be provided and cared for. If you get it wrong, your plan can inadvertently cause your loved one to lose government income and medical care benefits.

Trust Administration

When you take on the role of a Trustee, you must follow the directives of the Trust you are charged with administering. This is a "fiduciary" role which has legal significance. Idaho Law Group can help you navigate your responsibilities as Trustee.


When you take on the role of a Executor or Personal Representative of an estate, you must follow the directives of the court regarding the estate you are charged with administering. Idaho Law Group can help you navigate your responsibilities as an Executor or Personal Representative.​

Client Testimonials

Rick and the rest of the Idaho Law Group team worked hard for our family in a great time of need. Dedication, honesty, integrity, constant communication are values and actions that are extremely important to me. Rick and team display those and then some. We were treated like family and when presented with legal options, were given great counsel in what is best and what would benefit us over anything else. They went to bat for me and I will forever be grateful they were on our side.

Josh Stierer
Mr. Tuha and his legal team worked endlessly for two years helping us with an estate/trust litigation case. Mr. Tuha and his team were professional, well versed, understanding and patient with us. They never gave up, they researched our case and brought us to a winning end. I can't thank Mr. Tuha and his team for all they've done for my family and I. So, if you are needing a law firm with the knowledge to get the job done, call Mr. Tuha of Idaho Law Group!

Bill Ruby
We were scared.. We didn’t know what to expect when hiring a lawyer. Didn’t even know the right questions to ask. It’s probably safe to say we’ve all heard the nightmare attorney stories. Not wanting to be duped into hiring the wrong person, we asked every question we could think of. Rick took the time, with great patience, and answered all our questions. I felt better. Rick Tuha was the right choice. Every time We met with him my anxiety diminished. He knew what he was doing and he never gave up. He achieved, what I thought was unattainable, the best possible outcome.

Theresa Bradford
Rick was highly recommended to me by a friend. I am extremely grateful to him for the work he put into my case. He far exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.

Edgar Luciano Alejo
Rick has been an educated and valued asset to my business and family for many years. I could never replace his expertise and professionalism, and can without question refer any and all to his office.

Brent Holder
Rick is great along with his amazing staff! He was very informative and helpful during our estate planning. He explained everything in terms that were easy to understand. I would highly recommend him. Great guy that is very personable and caring. He's definitely our go to guy for any legal advice.

Rachel Cantrell
I don’t know anyone who wants to hire an attorney. But if you need an attorney Rick Tuha and his team are exactly who you need. We were faced with a very challenging situation. From our first call through the entire process Rick was there to answer questions, explain the legal situation, and guide us through the process. Rick was very attuned to the nuances and challenges of our case. He and his partner Hala were very deliberate working together at key points in our case to come up with strategies that ultimately led to an unbelievable outcome.

Jody Sedrick
Rick Tuha came highly recommended at a time of great uncertainty. Throughout our case, he was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, humble and patient while handling a unique case for our family. Rick was keenly able to work as a team with the opposing attorney and judge to obtain the best possible resolution to our case. We not only feel that we had the best representation available but gained a life long friend as well. Thank you to Rick and the rest of the team at Idaho Law Group.

David Downs
We've never had to hire an attorney before and Rick Tuha and his team came highly recommended by a good friend of ours. When we met, Rick was very professional and genuinely concerned. He explained everything clearly and thoroughly and continued this demeanor with us through the entire process. He knew how to navigate the court system and strategized not only with his team but with us. He kept us aware and involved during the entire process. He and his team were very responsive, worked hard and fought for us every step of the way. Rick is very deliberate and calculated in his approach to defending our case. He prepared us for the worse outcome and with his determined expertise, he was able to produce a win for us that we did not believe possible. We trust Rick implicitly and highly recommend him and his team. Thank you Idaho Law Group, Thank you Rick!

Judie Sedrick

Why Choose Us?

Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating Trusts, Wills,  and other Estate / Busines documents. We are keenly aware of how poorly drafted estate documents, or no estate documents at all, can result in expensive courtroom battles, chaos, confusion and even family division. Our law firm Mission and Process are born out of this experience.

Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating Trusts, Wills,  and other Estate / Busines documents. We are keenly aware of how poorly drafted estate documents, or no estate documents at all, can result in expensive courtroom battles, chaos, confusion and even family division. Our law firm Mission and Process are born out of this experience.

We are an education-based law firm with no hard sale pitches. We provide education and counseling to individuals and families in the main practice areas of Trust-based Estate Planning, Elder Law-Medicaid Asset Protection, and Probate.


We help you identify and reduce the risks to you and your loved ones from creditors, predators, family indiscretions, and the costs of long-term care. We help you safeguard your life’s work.


Without proper planning, you may leave your loved ones with disagreement, family division, and even litigation.


Estate planning is not about how much money you have, it is about taking care of yourself and those you love. We help you ensure what you have, gets to the people you love, when you want, the way you want.

Vision Meeting

Our first consultation is free of charge. In this initial meeting we do macro-estate planning. During this “vision” meeting we discuss your estate planning goals. We also educate you about different estate plans so you can determine what plan best protects and provides for you and your loved ones. We believe going through this process is the best way to obtain clarity of vision about your estate planning needs.


Design Meeting

The second time we meet we do micro-estate planning. After you have selected your estate plan in the “vision meeting,” we educate you about the many options available to you for your particular estate plan. We customize your plan for your unique circumstances.


Draft Legal Documents

Once your plan is designed and customized, we transform your wishes into a set of documents that support your estate planning goals.


Estate Summary Approval

We create a summary of your estate plan for your review.  You review the beneficiaries, fiduciary choices, and distribution provisions to ensure your documents match the plan we designed together.  Once you have approved this summary, we will meet in-office for a more thorough review of your estate plan.


Review and Signing Meeting

We review each document with you and explain how each may be used.  After the review, you sign your documents, setting your plan in motion. Two witnesses and a notary public are provided so you can properly execute your documents.


Funding Meeting

If you choose an estate plan with a Trust, you will need to transfer designated assets into your Trust(s). This process is called “funding” the Trust.  Additionally, you may name your Trust as the beneficiary of one or more of your assets/accounts. We guide you through this process.


Funding Review

Our funding coordinator works with you to ensure that your funding plan has been successfully executed.

Meet the Idaho Law Group Team

Rick Tuha

Attorney at Law

Practice Emphasis
  • Estate Planning and Litigation
  • Elder Law – Medicaid Asset Protection Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Brigham Young University
    • Juris Doctor: J. Reuben Clark Law School
    • Master of Business Administration: Marriott School of Management
  • Brigham Young University-Hawaii
    • Bachelor of Arts: Organizational Behavior
    • Minor: Psychology
    • Minor: Communications
  • Taxation, Probation and Trust member Idaho State Bar
  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Idaho Trial Lawyers Association

Hala Afu

Attorney at Law

Practice Emphasis
  • Probate Litigation
  • Estate Planning and Litigation
  • Business Planning
  • Brigham Young University
    • Juris Doctor: J. Reuben Clark Law School
  • U.C. Berkeley
    • Bachelor of Arts: Economics
    • Minor: Demography

Anali Myers

Client Services Coordinator
Legal Assistant

  • Boise State University
    • Bachelor of Science: Sociology
    • Summa Cum Laude

Michael Angel

Funding Coordinator
Community Outreach Liaison

  • Northwest Nazarene University
    • Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude
    • Minors: Math, Natural Science, English
  • Boise State University
    • Master of Arts: Criminal Justice
  • University of Hawaii
    • Master of Arts: Philosophy
    • Minor: Social Science
    • Ph.D. Philosophy

Kathy Jo

Office Administrator
Human Resource Manager

  • Brigham Young University
    • Bachelor of Science: Education

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